Manila Sales Office:
499 E.T. Yuchengco Street, Binondo, Manila
Telephone Numbers: (632) 242-1001 to 07
Fax (632) 242-0707

Muntinlupa Sales Office / Plant:
Concepcion Street, Buli, Muntinlupa City
Telephone Numbers: (632) 801-3371 to 77; 807-8089; 842-3675; 842-2116; 403-0865
Fax (632) 893-1574
Email Address:;

Where can you find us?
VECO Stationery
Established 1965, the store located at E.T. Yuchengco street (formerly Nueva street) was among the first to open on the historic street known for its book and stationery stores. Our friendly sales team sells Veco products retail and wholesale at this office.
499 E.T. Yuchengco Street,
Binondo, Metro Manila,
Tels: 242-1001 to 07
Fax: (632) 242-0707
VECO Warehouse and Delivery Hub
Established 1980, this location used to be a production facility. Today, it is now an office as well as, a warehouse and delivery center. Customers can come to this office and buy Veco products wholesale.
2000 Dominga Street,
Pasay City, Metro Manila,
Tels: 832-3631 to 33
Fax: (632) 523-1288
VECO Manufacturing Facility
Established 1980, this is Veco Paperís production department. We employ around 300 to 500 employees at a given time. Located in the city of Muntinlupa, Veco Paper has one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in the country today. Its printing equipment is handled by some of the most competent people in the industry today. Veco Paper employees have been instrumental to the companyís success. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction had earned Veco paper a good reputation in the industry.

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